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What You Should Know About Frozen Food Delivery


In their early days, frozen food has had a reputation of being low-quality meat, seafood or vegetables that are frozen until they lose their texture and flavours. In fact, there are still quite many frozen foods in the market today that are unhealthy, unsatisfying, or filled with preservatives!



Today, it is an entirely different story when it comes to fresh frozen food, especially if it’s the type that is delivered straight to your household!



In fact, with flash-freezing techniques that are updated with today’s technology and food standards, your fresh frozen food delivery that was once frowned upon could be even better than their chilled counterparts at the supermarket.







The Science Of Flash-Freezing Food



Many might think that the freezing method used commercially is similar to what we have at home – merely throwing the packed food into a standard freezer.



However, the reality is that flash-freezing is much more efficient and safer than that. As the name suggests, the food is cooled from its normal temperature to between -40°C to -60°C, especially when it comes to seafood!



This process allows the food to retain their moisture and flavour as best it can while ensuring their long-lasting quality is preserved. This also locks in their freshness to allow for fresh frozen food delivery!







What You Need To Consider When Accepting Delivered Frozen Food?



If you’re open to the idea of having your fresh frozen food delivered to you, great! While frozen food is generally considered safe and delicious to consume, there are a few key things you’ll need to keep an eye out for:



1. Examine The Food Packaging Thoroughly



While this generally doesnt happen to the packaging of frozen foods, it is still something you should take note of when you receive your fresh frozen food delivery. In any scenario, a package that is leaking or has holes in it should be rejected or refunded to ensure food safety!





2. Have A Quick Check Of The Temperature



If you have a digital thermometer at home, it will come in handy. All frozen foods that are delivered must be -18°C or less – meaning if the food that has arrived feels slightly thawed and no longer frozen solid, it should be rejected as well! This will ensure your frozen food is up to their maximum freshness and safety level.





3. Inspect The Food With Your Hands, Eyes And Nose



Lastly, this is a quick and common way of checking you food products when you receive your fresh frozen food delivery, just like at the supermarket! Flip and turn your frozen food over to inspect for appropriate colours, size, signs of abnormality or texture.



While we don’t suggest opening up the entire batch of frozen food you receive, it could still be to your benefit if you open up one among the whole batch of food you receive to inspect it with your nose to check their quality.







Frozen Food Safety Myths



As we delve deeper into frozen fresh food, here are some myths that everyone should stop believing and make the switch to ordering fresh frozen food delivery instead!



1. Chilled Food Is Always Better Than Frozen Food



With modern freezing techniques, many of your fresh frozen seafood might even be better than the chilled seafood you see at the supermarket, especially when it comes to meats and seafood!



Why? It’s because the food that supermarkets are selling to you might be frozen themselves! A vast majority of chilled foods in markets are flash-frozen then thawed on their premise, making it just as similar in quality to the ones you can get delivered to your doorstep .



2. Frozen Fresh Food Can Last Indefinitely In The Freezer



The answer is – it depends on the food. Assuming they’ve stayed frozen the entire time, they should be safe to eat!



However, you might find that the texture of fresh frozen seafoods or meats might change or have a slightly different flavour than fresh. That’s why you should always check with your seller on how long your frozen fresh food delivery will last in your freezer!







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Frozen seafood is an excellent way of enjoying your favourite tastes with both great value and nutrition!



As one of the pioneering halal food supplier in Malaysia, Supreme Frozen is has a fantastic variety of food products available to you including seafood, poultry and vegetables.



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