What You Should Know About Frozen Beef


Is frozen beef safe to eat? The short answer is yes, of course! As Covid-19 has changed the way we buy and store our food, there’s nothing more convenient than stocking your freezer with frozen fresh foods such as seafood and meats. This can include the likes of fresh frozen beef!



In fact, fresh frozen beef delivery services have become more and more popular as a way to have guaranteed, long-term freshness of the ingredients you cook.



This comes from the fact that fresh frozen beef, if kept at a stable freezing temperature in your freezer, is safe to eat even after some time has passed. Of course, it’s important to distinguish between the frozen beef being safe to eat and it being as good as freshly prepared beef!



It’s a known fact that the quality of meat, in this case beef, might degrade over time due to the effect called freezer burn. However, that can be avoided with a few tips and tricks on how to store and thaw your frozen beef after receiving it from your fresh frozen beef delivery services provider!






How To Store Fresh Frozen Beef In The Freezer



Before deciding to stock-up your freezer full of frozen beef, it’s important to take note of a few things on how to safely and property store the meat.



Firstly, you’ll need to ensure that your meat and other frozen foods are stored appropriately in air-tight, leak-proof wrapping or containers. This ensures that your frozen food isn’t directly exposed to cold air or risk having their content leaking out into your freezer.



Secondly, you should take note of the internal temperature of your freezer – it should be well below -10 degree Celsius to make sure that your food is safe from microorganisms such as bacteria, yeast of mold.



When it comes to fresh frozen meat such as beef, it is widely acknowledged that it can last for several months and up to a year!






How To Safely Thaw Your Fresh Frozen Beef



Once you’re done safely storing your frozen beef, there will come an occasion where it’s time to enjoy it! If you’re wondering what the best ways of thawing your frozen beef are, look no further. They are:




1. Thawing It Slow And Safe In The Refrigerator



This is the best method when planning ahead for a steady thaw of your fresh frozen beef. From ground beef, tough chucks to premium sirloin steaks, they may defrost within 24 hours.



Large, bone in-pieces such as a while piece of brisket meat may take up to 48 hours! During this time, it’s important to ensure that it’s placed on a bowl to prevent leaking!




2. Thawing It In Water



Another method you can use to defrost frozen fresh beef is to submerge it in water without removing the packaging. This can be done by simply placing your frozen fresh beef in a pot filled with water!



After ensuring it’s fully submerged, you can proceed to change the water every half an hour to thaw it efficiently.




3. Speed It Up With A Microwave



If you’re planning to cook the fresh frozen beef immediately after thawing, microwaving it is a great way of doing so. However, do keep in mind that this method is only recommended for beef that you plan to cook straightaway – partially-cooked beef can have bacteria growing in a short time.






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Fresh frozen beef is an excellent way of enjoying a delicious steak dinner or satisfying beef stew with both great value and flavour!



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