What You Need To Know About Buying Groceries & Fresh Seafood Online

Shopping groceries online

Over the past 5 years, Malaysia has seen an explosive growth of online grocery food shopping. We’ve seen this trend grow and grow, especially in the face of the 2020 Covid-19 pandemic. From SMEs pivoting from offline retail to online shopping stores, to fresh seafood delivery online store.

Covid-19 has accelerated online grocery shopping experience to a whole new level – instead of treating it as an alternative way to get groceries to their home, customers across Malaysia are now increasingly relying on online grocery shopping services to get their groceries, especially fresh seafood delivered directly to their front door!

In this article, we’ll take a look at the fantastic reasons why online grocery shopping has become the norm instead of the exception – from getting rid of endless queues and carrying heavy bags to forgetting about the hassle of travelling to and from the store!

Why Is Buying Groceries & Fresh Seafood Online So Popular Today?


1. Enjoy The Ultimate Form Of Convenience

This might be one of the best things about online grocery shopping – it can be done anywhere and anytime you like! You could be shopping while having an afternoon tea on your balcony or simply spend a quick 15 minutes during your work lunch to shop for your weekly essential

With online grocery shopping or even fresh seafood delivery via online stores, you’ll no longer be bound by the distance and time it takes to travel to your grocery store!


2. Be Able To Choose And Make Your Selection In One Glance

Most online grocery shopping websites or apps allow a quick comparison of many brands for a single product, so you’ll have an easy time choosing from a comprehensive selection from the ease of one click or tap!

Not only are you able to choose your favourite brands or read up on more information about the product, you can also compare the prices of every product effectively and save up significantly from buying food online!


3. You Can Effectively Clear Leftovers In Your Fridge Before Buying More

Having fresh seafood delivered to you via an online store is more than just convenient – it allows you to assess what you still have in your refrigerator before buying anything else!

After all, we’ve all had that moment where we bought something in the store that we already have at home! Shopping for grocery supplies online will definitely help with that!


4. You Can Reduce The Effect Of Buying Impulsively

More often than not, we walk past the desserts or snacks section when we’re shopping for essentials and sneak a thing or two into our trolley. This is a well-documented behaviour of grocery shopping, and is often unhealthy not just for our bodies but also our wallets!

Buying food online or having your fresh seafood delivered to you from an online store, however, clears any of these temptations and impulsive buys as you’ll be browsing for just what you need.


How To Buy Fresh Seafood To Be Delivered From An Online Store To Your Home

If you’re looking to turn to fresh seafood delivery and grocery shopping from online stores, you should be well-versed in knowing how to assess the quality of the fresh fish and seafood that you’re receiving.

As they can be the priciest items on your shopping cart, it will do you well to know what to look out for and how to source the freshest product from the best suppliers!

For any fish products, its skin should look shiny and scales should be close and tight to its body. Another method is to look at its flesh – they should be firm and bounces back upon pressing it. Bright red gills with no mucus, no browning inside the cavity of the fish, bright and clear eyes as well as non-fishy smell should be expected of high-quality fishes.

Fish fillets, on the other hand, it can be much simpler. The surface of the flesh shouldn’t be sticky or slimy at all. Its skin should be bright and non-slimy, as well as no colouring on the edges of the flesh. Lastly, it shouldn’t have a strong fishy smell as well.

The ever-popular prawns and shrimps are easy to distinguish too – their flesh should be firm with legs that are intact. It shouldn’t have brown or black coloration around the edges of the shell. As with fishes, it shouldn’t have a strong odour.

Lastly, here are what you should look out for in shellfish such as mussels and clams – the should be alive with shells closed tightly upon touch, with no shell cracks and heavy smell.


Choose A Trusted Supplier For Fresh Seafood Delivery – Choose Supreme Frozen

Buying your fresh seafood online is no longer the exception – it’s become the norm. As one of the pioneering halal food suppliers in Malaysia, Supreme Frozen has a fantastic variety of fresh seafood available to you to order anytime of the day and be delivered right to your doorstep!

Visit our online store today and make your excellent selection yourself!

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