Trends of Buying Frozen Seafood in Malaysia 2021

frozen fish in malaysia

As Malaysia battles against Covid-19 with our drive for vaccination and MCO measures, the purchase and consumption of frozen foods has become increasingly popular and mainstream in Malaysia. In fact, there are multiple reassurances that Covid-19 can’t be transmitted via frozen food packaging! This makes frozen seafood delivery services from many frozen seafood suppliers in Malaysia a more and more popular way of buying seafood.

In this article, let’s discuss how to safely choose and buy frozen food, and the general guidelines on how to safely store and prepare frozen foods from Supreme Frozen, the frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia.



How to choose quality frozen food?


i) Try and ignore breaded and fried foods

While they may taste good, fried and breaded foods add excess calories, sodium, and fat to the meal. Instead, choose plain seafood, beef or fish from a trusted frozen food delivery supplier. This way, you can sauté, bake, or grill at home with fresh herbs and spices for added taste and nutrition.


ii) Avoid any packages that look soggy as it might be that they have melted and then refrozen

Your frozen food, especially if they’re delivered, should be kept in an insulated shopping bag as Malaysia is known for our hot weather year round! In fact, it’s often much better to have your frozen food delivered to your home by a supplier than shopping for it yourself as you need to ensure your frozen food stays frozen. Frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia like us always ensure our frozen food stays frozen.


iii) Choose foods according to their respective expiry period

Generally, frozen foods kept at 0°C will keep for 6 months or longer. Storage can be extended even longer if temperatures dip below 0°C. However, different classes of foods have varying storage time recommendations related to packaging, ingredients, and other factors.



How to safely store and prepare frozen foods?


1. Package and store foods appropriately

Proper packaging and wrapping are key to minimizing spoiling, maximizing overall quality, and prolonging storage time. This includes using tight-sealed small containers or bags to ensure quick freezing and lower the risk of bacterial growth. This also helps speed up the thawing process and reduces food waste. We always ensure high quality food packaging since we are the best frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia.

You can also squeeze out as much air as possible in freezer bags before storing. Use snug containers as well to limit packaged air. Label and date freezer bags or containers, even if you think you will be using the contents within a week or two. Place the food items in the coldest part of your freezer, if you can, until they are completely frozen.


2. Thaw frozen foods accordingly

All frozen food needs to be thawed before handling, especially meat, seafood and poultry. It is important to thaw appropriately to help ensure even cooking and reaching internal temperatures for safe consumption.

Safe ways to thaw include in the refrigerator, microwave, or cold water. Thawing in the refrigerator is the safest to keep foods out of the temperature danger zone, or temperatures around 28°C where bacteria can grow quickly.

3. Ensure your frozen seafood is cooked thoroughly with no exceptions

When it comes to frozen seafood, especially for meats, poultry and seafood, you must ensure that your food is cooked through and not consume anything that’s even close to undercooked.

This is to ensure all bacteria is killed for any of your thawed frozen food and ensure you enjoy both the nutrition and the taste of frozen food! That’s the best advice from us at Supreme Frozen, the frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia.



Get your quality seafood from trusted frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia like Supreme Frozen

With these facts and benefits, you now know that good quality frozen food in Malaysia is often as good or even better than the ones you find at the local market or even with your frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia.

As one of the pioneering frozen seafood suppliers in Malaysia, Supreme Frozen has been offering fantastic frozen seafood delivery services including a variety of food products such as seafood, poultry, meat and vegetables as well.

Visit our online store today and make your excellent selection yourself only at Supreme Frozen, the best frozen seafood supplier in Malaysia!

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