Return / Exchange /Cancellation Policy


1.0 Introduction

1.1 This Return / Exchange / Cancellation Policy shall only be applicable for home delivery shopping via Supreme Frozen’s Online Food Delivery.


1.2 Here at Supreme Frozen, we shall endeavour to the best of our ability and efforts to ensure that orders placed by Customers are correctly fulfilled.


2.0 Return and Exchange Procedure and Conditions

2.1 In the event that any Product(s) delivered is not within Customer’s Satisfaction, Customers are required to contact the our representatives as follows to coordinate on the return and exchange of the products within twenty-four (24) hours from the date and time of receipt of the Product(s): –


     019 – 325 5592 Clarence

     012 – 762 1363 Brian

     019 – 678 9703 Nicholas

     012 – 307 0717 William


2.2 Our return and exchange policies caters only for the following:-


2.2.1 any Product delivered in a damaged or defective condition;

2.2.2 any Product delivered is out of date or expired; and/or

2.2.3 any Product delivered is different from the Order that was placed;


Subject to and provided always that the Customer shall return to Supreme Frozen the said Products unused and in its original condition, quantity and packaging as it is first delivered to the Customer together with the proof of Delivery Order, Payment and Receipt of the Products.

2.3 For avoidance of doubt, we do not entertain for any return and exchange for the following:-

2.3.1 any Product(s) that are not tasty;

2.3.2 any Product(s) that does not look fresh or aesthetically pleasing;

2.3.3 any Product(s) that does not stored in the stipulated requirements as per the Product’s labels.

2.4 If the Customer opts for return and exchange of Product(s), the affected Products shall be returned in person to the following address. No replacement or exchange of Product(s) will be entertained if the Product(s) are returned via courier or post to the following address:-


Sannis Tech Sdn Bhd
No. 11-First Floor,
Jalan 3/108C,
Taman Sungai Besi,
57100 Kuala Lumpur


2.5 All replacements or exchange of Product(s) shall be dealt with subject to availability of the Product(s).


2.6 The Customer shall be responsible for the risks and condition of the Product(s) to be returned until it reaches us at Supreme Frozen’s Headquarters at the abovementioned address. We will not be responsible for any loss or damage to the Product(s) prior to the Product(s) received by us. Therefore, our Customers are advised to pack and store safely the Product(s) to prevent any loss or damage to the Product(s) or its box or its original packaging.


3.0 Cancellation

3.1 If the Customer has placed an order(s) and elects to cancel the order, a cancellation fee of 5% on the purchase price will be imposed.

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