Questions That You Need To Ask Your Frozen Food Supplier

Questions That You Need To Ask Your Frozen Food Supplier

Is frozen food the newer and tastier way to eat lighter and healthier? Is your supermarket’s fresh seafood section still the best resources for seafaring proteins that’ll deliver the best nutrition and convenience?

Well, we think frozen food and frozen seafood deserve their spot as an alternative way to eat healthier food in a variety of ways: baked, broiled, steamed, poached, or fried. The choice is yours! But, how do you choose healthy frozen food over fresh food?

Enter your local frozen food supplier. After a quick chat with the folks behind their online stores, you’ll be able to make educated decisions on what you buy, which leads to healthy choices for you and responsible choices for our planet.

Here are some questions you can ask to help you make the most of your frozen food shopping and eating experience! We’ll also showcase one of the best frozen food supplier in the Klang Valley.


Is the food from your supplier – wild or farmed?

Wild fish are sold just as you’d find them in the wild (gutted and scaled, of course) and are, by definition, more natural. But these tend to be priced a little bit higher because they’re caught by good old-fashioned fishermen out on lakes, oceans, and rivers. Farmed fish are what you mostly see for sale at the supermarket.

There’s a common misconception that wild fish are good and farmed fish are bad, but it’s not that simple. The quality of these fish can vary greatly based on the location and methods used to contain, feed, and raise them for harvest. Your frozen food supplier can explain what’s what.


What is its country of origin?

This question is key to food safety. Some countries may have relatively low standards for raising and handling seafood.


What is the quality of delivery like?

Punctuality is one of the most significant qualities a supplier can have. Finding a supplier with a solid track record of on-time, reliable delivery is going to be imperative for building a long-term relationship.

Additionally, if you want the freshest of fare, then you have to find a frozen food supplier that has a reputation for fresh ingredients. Choosing a supplier who can satisfy both of these fronts in a huge step in the right direction.


What’s your delivery schedule?

Finding a punctual supplier that can accommodate your schedule is tricky, but can be done if you find the right fit. Since they supply multiple customers across the city, their delivery routes can generally get pretty stacked.

Assuming you prefer your ingredients to be at the peak of freshness, there’s a good chance you want the just-in-time delivery method. That will ensure your food items have a longer shelf life and your odds of wasting unused inventory is reduced.

A supplier’s ability to match their delivery schedule to your needs is an excellent way to build a long-term relationship and avoid frantic calls and texts when a delivery shows up late, or worse, not at all.


Do they deliver on holidays and weekends?

Can they drop off delivery even when you’re not at home? Will they deliver food items directly to your freezer and refrigerator, or will staff be needed to help unload the truck? It would benefit you to identify suppliers who have adopted tech solutions for streamlining their ordering process and delivery routes. It shows that they are organized and more inclined to proactively give you the best frozen foods or seafood.


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