How To Choose Fresh Chicken For Your Ingredients

fresh chicken

One of the fundamental skills that every home cook will first master is how to choose a quality piece of fruit, vegetable, meat or seafood. In fact, the apparent sign that someone is a good cook is his/her ability to choose the best ingredients for the best price!

While it might take years of knowledge and practice to know how to pick the best quality fish from your market, there’s an easier, much more forgiving meat that you can start learning about – chicken!

In this article, let’s explore the various warning signs of chicken that has gone bad, how to select the best chicken out there and the differences between fresh and frozen chicken. We’ll also briefly show you one of the best fresh chicken delivery providers in town!



Signs Of Chicken That Has Gone Bad

The next time you order a fresh chicken delivery or visit a market to stock-up on fresh chicken, here are a few signs that you can spot in order to avoid chicken that has gone bad!


1. It smells foul with a bad odor

Like many other ingredients out there, a quick whiff of the chicken is am effective method to gauge its quality and freshness.

While fresh chicken might give you a hint of raw meat and the familiar smell of poultry, chicken that has gone bad will distinctively smell rotten – you’ll know it from a mile away!


2. It has a slimy feeling to it

Another common way of telling if your chicken is of good quality or not is by the presence of slimy substances on it. Like many other foods, if there’s a slimy film to the surface of the chicken when you touch it, it might not be of good quality and will go bad really soon.

While it’s normal for raw chicken to have a moist texture, expired chicken will be exceptionally slimy.


3. It has mold or strange growth on it

This is an apparent sign, but should not be ignored if you can’t smell or touch the chicken, especially if it’s frozen.

Take a look at the outside of the entire chicken to ensure that it’s not moldy or doesn’t have any signs of growth on it!



How To Check The Freshness Of Chicken


1. Choose chicken that has a pink hue to its flesh

One of the more standard way of assessing chicken is by taking a look at its flesh’s colour.

This will give you an insight to the freshness of the chicken itself. Fresh chicken will have a pinkish coloured flesh, while spoiled chicken will have a dull gray colour to it.


2. Conduct the “press” test

This is a simple test you can do on a fresh or non-frozen chicken. Simply check the chicken’s springiness to check if it’s still fresh.

The springiness of a fresh chicken can be felt when you lightly push against the chicken with your fingertips – if it’s a good-quality fresh chicken, it will quickly form back to its original shape. If the indentation stays on it, you should avoid it!



What’s The Difference Between Frozen And Fresh Chicken

While it’s true that the nutrition of chicken is slightly diminished when frozen compared to fresh chicken, the difference is barely significant enough to discourage anyone from choosing frozen chicken!

Apart from that, the biggest difference between fresh and frozen chicken is their length of storage life. While fresh chicken can only be kept in the fridge for less than two days, frozen chicken can last for several months in the freezer!

Another slight difference between fresh chicken and frozen chicken is the final texture of the cooked dish. This comes from the fact that frozen chicken might have their flesh affected by the cold temperature.

Another factor is the method of thawing – frozen chicken that’s thawed too fast will lost their texture and be dryer or even mushy when cooked! A solution to this is to simply let your chicken thaw in your refrigerator slowly and steadily before cooking it.



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