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halal frozen food supplier

Food binds all Malaysians together. Eating together fosters better relationships regardless if it’s a marriage ceremony, lunch hour or even just having a small dinner party at home.

As Malaysia is composed of various races, cultures and religions, the dietary necessities might differ from each other’s. Hence, it’s always good to know about a Muslims’ dietary requirements, commonly termed as halal.

Malaysia, as well as some other countries have authorities to oversee halal food and food products that can be consumed by Muslims with their own respective iconic halal logo. The halal authority in Malaysia is the Department of Islamic Development Malaysia ( JAKIM ) whom issues halal certification after thorough examination.

Under Islamic guidelines, muslims are free to eat any food except those which are deemed haram, which means forbidden in Arabic. Some haram foods include any type of pork, all types of alcohol, non-Halal animal shortening, animal blood, and blood by-products.

Hence, if you require halal products from a halal frozen food supplier in Malaysia, you should pay attention to common recipe ingredients when cooking.

For example, did you know gelatin, which is found in some foods and candies, is made of pork? Lard, which is pig fat, is also on some recipe lists. To be safe, check labels. Also, many restaurants will identify foods cooked in alcohol, wine or beer. If in doubt, ask your server or avoid the food completely.

Benefits of choosing halal frozen food

When it comes to choosing halal frozen food, it’s just the same process as you might choose other frozen foods! Here are some cool benefits of halal frozen food that you might have missed:

1. Enjoy convenience

Frozen halal food is simply convenient. From halal steak to a frozen pizza, minimal effort is needed on your end regarding their cooking and preparation.

Keeping frozen foods stocked also provides timely backups for whenever you’re short on time or fresh ingredients.

2. Ensured freshness when you need it

Today’s flash-freezing technology ensures that foods are inhibited from spoilage when frozen during their peak ripeness, locking in essential nutrients and preserving its taste.

3. Enjoy nutrient-rich food

Thanks to the freezing technology, frozen foods are not only healthy but may even be more nutrient-rich than some fresh products.

This is due to fresh produce losing their nutritional quality during continued transportation and storage at grocery stores, while frozen halal food is often frozen at its peak to preserve their nutrients.

4. Enjoy budget-friendly food for the whole family

Frozen foods can be budget-friendly due to less reliance on the transport time needed to get it to the grocery store. Freezing food products also ensures food doesn’t spoil for the producer, hence limiting waste and saving extra costs that will be passed as savings to customers.

Tips on buying frozen food 

1. Fruits and vegetables

Plain frozen fruits and vegetables are often harvested at their peak ripeness and flash frozen, which helps to maintain their nutrients. These guidelines to ensure you get the healthiest version possible:

  • Choose fruits and vegetables that are in season and grown locally if possible
  • Beware of seasoned or preserved fruits and vegetables as they might contain excess sugar or salt
  • Check the labels to ensure they’re certified halal by JAKIM
  • Make sure you inspect your food when received to ensure your food quality is protected throughout the transport journey

2. Fish, seafood and meat

Much like frozen fruits and vegetables, most of the fish, seafood and meat from frozen food deliveries are often frozen quickly after being caught, preserving their nutrients.

  • Avoid fried or breaded fish and seafood
  • Choose high-quality meats and poultry that are certified halal by JAKIM
  • Check the labels of seasoned varieties for excess sodium.
  • Choose good quality fish and seafood with that is proven to give healthy omega oils and nutrients

How to store halal frozen food?

1. Prevent freezer burn by protecting it in freezer bags or containers

If your groceries aren’t frozen properly, oxygen and moisture can ravage your food and make it unappetizing. This is known as freezer burn, which is a common problem when you are attempting to preserve meat.

While it isn’t dangerous to eat meat that has been affected by freezer burn, the meat will lose its flavor, texture, and color if you don’t preserve it properly.

To combat this, simply invest in freezer bags and freezer-safe containers and store them safely in your freezer!

2. Avoid freezing food items in bulk

When you freeze several items together, they will be grouped together into a big frozen mass. Instead, it is always best to separate foods, freeze them individually, and then pair the frozen items together.

For example, instead of freezing a whole package of beef, separate them into different containers or bags so that you can choose the amount you’d like to cook in the future and defrost it accordingly instead of defrosting the whole amount!

3. Remove the styrofoam box around the meat

Most styrofoam packaging found under the layer of meat is not necessary and can subject your items to freezer burn. Worse, it can stick to the meat if the items aren’t frozen properly!

Instead, take the meat off of the styrofoam packaging and freeze it separately in a freezer bag. Again, freeze meat in small, usable portions so that you can thaw only what you need.

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