Freshwater Prawn Versus Tiger Prawn

freshwater prawn versus tiger prawn

They’re eaten all year round, are a firm crowd favourite and is featured on almost every restaurant’s menu. From simple stir fries to sandwiches, and fritters, prawns whether it is tiger prawn or freshwater prawn star in a range of delicious food dishes that has been a Malaysian stable for ages!

In fact, prawns are quick, easy and versatile to prepare, and with a little know-how, you can enjoy them at their best. If you’re looking to cook prawns yourself with any recipe you’re thinking about, do make sure that you’re choosing the right prawn, as the tiger prawn and the freshwater prawn have many differences from one another!

Whether broiled, baked, fried, or steamed, here are some benefits of prawns and the differences between tiger prawns and freshwater prawns.



What are the health benefits of eating prawns?


1. It helps keep your calories in check

Did you know that the calories in prawns are lower than most other meats while the protein and nutrient counts are much higher? Consuming nutrient-dense and high protein foods is great when you’re maintaining a healthy, lean body mass.


2. It helps protect your eye health

Astaxanthin, a nutrient that’s ample in prawns, has shown to be quite a valuable in maintaining good eye health, including protecting the retina against oxidative damage, especially from excessive sunlight exposure. Research suggests that astaxanthin, in conjunction with other nutrients, can improve problems affecting the center of the eye.


3. It helps improve bone strength and density

Prawns contain both phosphorous and vitamin D. Working with calcium, the supplied nutrients can help strengthen bones, subsequently lessening the


4. It helps ward off cancer

The potent antioxidant properties of both astaxanthin and omega-3 fatty acids may exhibit protective and inhibitory affects on cancer, therefore reducing the growth of cancerous cells.


5. It may help protect against heart disease

Although the high cholesterol content has provoked worry regarding prawn intake, research indicates that in fact, prawns can actually protect against heart disease, thanks to its omega-3 fatty acid content.


What is the difference between tiger prawns and freshwater prawns?


a) Tiger prawns

Often identifiable by their signature black stripes, tiger prawns are available as farmed as well as wild varieties in Thailand, Vietnam, Philippines, and India.

Unique for their tiger stripes on the body, they are prized for their mild flavour profile coupled with a firm texture which makes them the go-to option for people who are cooking shrimps for the first time. They can grow in jumbo sizes of 12 inches long and are ideal for steaming, grilling, or eating in various other ways.


b) Freshwater prawns

Freshwater prawns are one of the most abundant prawns which you can find at the wet markets. The shell is thin and the tail is very meaty. They are easily recognizable at the markets by their shape as their tail tends to be broad and flat. Their colour ranges from a transparent yellowish white to a reddish hue and can grow to quite a large size as well.

The flesh of the these prawns are very bouncy, crunchy and sweet but it lacks flavour. It is great for dishes where you pan fry the prawn with the shell on and then coat it with sauce. They also do well in a prawn curry as the meat is firm.



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