Beginner Guide: How To Defrost Frozen Steak

frozen steak

If you’re new to steak, you might have a lot of questions or even feel lost when it comes to dealing with red meat. For most people who like the idea of a good steak, it’s generally thought of as the more expensive the steak, the better it will be. But what about everything else?

In this article, we’ll cover the different cuts of steak from the animal, where the come from, how to tell if it’s of good quality and how to thaw a frozen steak! You can also find the best fresh frozen steak delivery in Malaysia!


Why are some steaks expensive ?

It would be useful if you can think the different sections of a cow as different cuts of the same meat.

From the front section of the cow, just behind its shoulders until to the neck and all the way down or around, produces ornery cuts of meat that are usually not sold in supermarkets, yet delicious.

From the shoulder area comes your beef chuck, and down south a bit your brisket. These cuts of meat are more affordable compared to the premium cuts of steak. They are also full of connective tissue that melts into flavorful heaven when braised. However, they shouldn’t be cooked as a steak as they can be incredibly chewy without long hours of cooking.

Most premium steaks that are soft to the bite and with great marbling come a bit farther back on the cow, and the best known steaks start at the upper mid section, and proceed back to the hind quarters. These include your ribeye, loin, and sirloin varieties of cut. They are delicious when cooked as a steak, hence the more expensive price!


What the signs of bad steak ?


1)   The best-before date has passed

This is a pretty straightforward but highly effective way of telling if your steak has gone bad or not.

Check your steak’s best-before date (quality steak providers should provide this). You should cook or freeze the meat by that date.

After that date has passed, there is a high chance your steak has gone bad or is close to spoiled and dangerous to consume. If you put the meat in the freezer by the best-before date, however, this might not apply.

If you put the steak on freezer before its use-by-date, make sure to leave enough time for it to thaw and still be safe to eat. More tips below!


2)   The steak gives a strong cheese-like smell

While raw meat shouldn’t necessarily smell great, you should instantly know the difference between a good steak and spoiled steak by its smell alone.

A spoiled steak will not smell like the usual raw meat you expect – instead, it will have a cheese-like smell. If it smells rotten and rancid, discard your steak right away!


3)   The steak has a slimy appearance & texture

If you can see or feel with your fingers a slimy film on the surface of the steak, then it is a good sign that your steak is off. Usually, the slime comes in the form of clear or light yellow film that makes the meat appear shiny.

It should also have a slippery or sticky feel, which is very noticeable. This slimy film is usually created just before the meat starts to mold and go bad.

Steak that has gone bad might also have patches of colour on its surface, such as brown, yellow or greenish hues. These colors usually appear on small patches rather than the whole surface, but still, they are a clear sign to not eat the meat.


How to defrost frozen steak


1)   The conventional way

The best method to thaw a frozen steak is to use the proven method of refrigerator thawing. Simply putting your steak in the refrigerator instead of freezer warms it up naturally to the right temperature to be cooked.

How long it takes to thaw out will depend on how large and how thick the steak is, as larger pieces take longer to thaw out. The best part about this method is that you don’t have to do anything special to the steak to ensure it thaws out fully.

Keep in mind that steak is tougher than other meats, which also means it is denser, so it can take longer to thaw than fish.


2)   The fast way

If you need to cook your steak for dinner but it’s still frozen solid, here’s a quick way of thawing your frozen steak.

You will need to put the steak into a bowl of water large enough so that the steak can be submerged completely in water. Make sure the steak is in a waterproof bag so that no water seeps in – you don’t want a soggy steak, as that can sap it of its flavour and texture.

It can take anywhere from an hour to two hours, depending on the size of the steak and how thick it is.


Thawing method that do not work

While thawing your steak via your microwave can thaw your steak out instantly, it can also thaw unevenly. Hence, parts of the steak may start to cook while other parts are still frozen. This is a method that can work if you plan to cook up the steak right away, but it’s not very practical or safe for when you want to transfer a frozen steak to the fridge thawed.


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