The Advantages of Eating Smoked Food That May Surprise You

The Advantages of Eating Smoked Food That May Surprise You

Smoking is one of the oldest methods of preserving meat products. Hence, eating smoked food isn’t anything new, and preservation is one of the many benefits that our ancestors gain by smoking meat such as smoked duck!

This is why preparing meat with smoke has been a long-standing tradition in many countries and is one of the preferred ways to cook a variety of meats. Before grills and smokers became popular, our ancestors would set up a fire with river stones, wood, and a covering to smoke their meat!

Today, there are many different smoking techniques, including rapid hot smoking, slow hot smoking and cold smoking. Cold smoking usually involves a salt cure before smoking at a low temperature to remove moisture and preserve the meat. This keeps the meat texture soft and has that melt-in-your-mouth texture. Otherwise, hot smoking typically uses a bringing solution as well as a higher smoking temperature to “cook” the meat. This results in a drier texture and a deep, smoky flavour!

In this article, we’ll explore a few benefits of eating smoked meat, as well as how you can avoid or reduce the negative effects of consuming smoked meat or fish. We’ll also explore where to get the best smoked duck from an online fresh frozen food store!


What are the benefits of eating smoked meat?

It is not difficult to understand why we all love smoked meat – the charred appearance, unique flavour, aroma, juiciness and taste are the top reasons, of course. But there are other benefits necessary for your health, as long as you do not eat too much.


a) Smoked meat is a great source of protein

Smoked meat is well-known as a high protein food. According to researchers, proteins help nourish the body and are significant for overall health. As a source of proteins and energy, it is essential for building muscles. That is the reason why well done smoked meat is a favourite food for many.


b) Smoked meat provides essential nutrients to the body

Smoked meat is found to be an excellent source of essential nutrients. They contain high iron levels, a vital mineral for the immune system’s normal function and for treating anaemia and other body conditions.

The smoking process, especially at a lower heat, helps the meat retain its nutrition values. Some smoked food also contains omega-3 fatty acids, known as necessary for the bloodstream. This applies to smoked fish, like smoked salmon.


c) Smoked meat can be lower in fat

The process of smoking meat doesn’t include adding oils; on the contrary, it can decrease the fat content. When smoking, the fat drips out from the meat, which reduces absorption, making it beneficial for our health.


How do you balance smoked food in a healthy diet?


  • Don’t eat smoked or grilled foods daily (especially grilled foods)
    There’s no harm in eating a couple of smoked food occasionally, but try not to have them daily.
  • Variate your food choices
    Take note of the food pyramid and eat what’s recommended there such as vegetables, fruits, and fish. You may also want to take food supplement alternatives like those herb-based multivitamin capsules and other similar products. This is to ensure that you get all the vitamins, minerals and essential amino acids that your body needs.
  • Exercise regularly
    As commonly said, you can try multiple types of workouts to help your body burn calories to be as healthy as a horse!


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